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City of Derby & City of Shelton
Memorial Day Parade & Memorial Service
Due to the COVID-19 crisis we all are currently experiencing, it has been decided that it is in the best interests of participants and spectators alike, that the Derby-Shelton Memorial Day Parade be postponed until next year.

This difficult decision has been made in consideration for the safety and health of the marching units in the parade as well as the hundreds of citizens who line up on our streets to enjoy the parade. The postponement of the parade also includes the postponement of the Memorial Day Service that is normally held at Shelton Intermediate School several days prior to the parade,  but all families of Veterans who passed since Memorial Day of 2019 will be invited to attend the 2021 Memorial Service. With these postponements in mind, we would like to recognize and honor the names of our Veterans who have passed since Memorial Day of 2019. The method in which our passed Veterans will be honored will likely be in either a virtual manner or listed in local newspapers or by both means of communications.

For the Honor Roll of 2019-2020 Veterans, please click here.
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The Derby-Shelton Parade is one of the oldest Memorial Day parades in the state.  Together with a stirring memorial service held on Sunday evening before the parade, these observances have their origins with the Civil War veterans.